Marcus Pentzek

Hi. I'm Marcus Pentzek.

And this is my personal website, offering information about what I do, did and will do.

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Here's all the stuff I currently do.

SEO Consultation

In my Fullime Employment I am working as Chief SEO Consultant of the Digital Strategies Consulting Group at If you are in need of pofessional SEO Analysis of your website, suffered SEO Visibility loss through a Google Update or need advice for your international SEO Strategy, get in contact with us.


I do write about Online Marketing (usually with a focus on SEO and even SEO for China). Find a list of all articles in English on the page which will be linked from here later.

But with my faible for China, I am also fond about the Chinese language. I have even written a book (in German) about how to learn the Chinese language. Find some more references on the page which will be linked from here later.

Learning Languages

My main focus is probably learning Mandarin Chinese. I did a lot of research about the theory of learning languages in general and learning Chinese especially. I did collect quite some Chinese Learning material. I will review these materials and write about them on my Chinese Learning Website But for 2021 I am planning to also start learning other Asian languages such as Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese to some very basic degree. Not started yet, though.


Web developer, IT, sales (self-employed, 2000 - 2008)

Design of OS commerce templates for online stores. Development, setup and extension of xt:commerce online stores for small and medium sized businesses. Online marketing for the websites I create. IT and electronic office organization. Trade show booth planning, trade show booth organization, trade show setup and sales of sails in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Ludwigshafen.

Head of Onpage SEO (Seoline GmbH, 2008/2009)

Establishment of a new Onpage SEO department. Recruiting 5 new full-time SEO consultants for initial technical SEO analyses of new clients' websites. Developing an SEO analysis concept for this purpose. Conducting SEO workshops for clients. Adhoc SEO consulting by phone.

Design of an SEO/SERP analysis software. Selection of a programming-savvy SEO consultant from the Onpage team as project manager. Technical assistance for this project manager.

SEO Consultant / Product Manager for SaaS "SEO Diver" (ABAKUS GmbH, 2009 - 2011)

Continuous SEO consulting for small, medium and large companies, such as Crimex Werbemittel (Germany), Halfar (international), Neue Westfälische Zeitung (News, Germany), QVC (Ecommerce, Germany) or Nestlé (Germany). Components of the consulting were Onpage SEO, strategic SEO, international SEO and Offpage SEO.

Development of product ideas for the SaaS SEO analysis software "SEO Diver". Sketching of program modules for backend and frontend developers. Testing and acceptance of finished development steps. Representation and demonstration of the software at events (Dmexco, SEMSEO, Pubcon, SEOKOMM, SEOcampixx).

Director Marketing (Yoybuy 北京, Peking, China, 2012 - 2013)

Training and staff development of the online marketing team of the Chinese Ecommerce Taobao agent. Interviewing Chinese technical staff and staffing responsibility remaining 6 Chinese employees, one Russian employee and two European interns. Reporting directly to the founder and general manager. Planning and execution of marketing activities online such as product inserts for existing customers. Internationalization of the English website and marketing activities from English to Spanish, Russian, German and Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified Chinese).

Director Customer Service (Yoybuy 北京, Peking, China, 2013)

Because of the close links between marketing and customer service, I took over responsibility for the customer service team. The team leader of the team remained in her role and was only supported, motivated and provided with impulses by me. However, I took over responsibility for successes and failures, as well as strategic planning for further development, since customer expectations in China and Europe are quite different.

SEO Consultant / Teamlead SEO (UDG United Digital Group, 2014 - 2018)

Holistic SEO consulting for medium-sized and large companies, e.g. thyssenkrupp Home Solutions (Germany), thyssenkrupp Steel (German / English), thyssenkrupp Corporate (German / English), Siemens (German), B/S/H/ Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (planning, preparation, support of the international domain migration to a common international domain, continuous contact and consultant for the international B/S/H/ online marketing teams), strategic SEO consultant for the German energy provider ENBW (Stuttgart) incl. Yello (Cologne), Bundesliga (analysis and assessment of Chinese website for SEO for Baidu), Hansgrohe (international, incl. China).

Team leader of one of four six-person SEO teams distributed across two locations (Cologne, Ludwigsburg) within UDG. Head of the professional AG Standards, which determined the SEO standards within UDG, according to which all UDG SEO Consultants advise their clients.

Chief SEO Consultant (Searchmetrics, 2018 - ?)

Performing technical and strategic SEO analysis, Google update analysis, continuous SEO consulting for medium and large companies in ecommerce, medical, tourism, IT security, media, UGC (user generated content) and others. Focus on most detailed analyses with the goal of detailed SEO action recommendations (technical, strategic and content) for German, international and Chinese SEO.

Conducting SEO workshops, webinars and lectures (German and English) in Europe and China. Publishing professional articles about SEO in particular SEO for Ecommerce and SEO for China.

Monitor and analyze Google and Baidu algorithm updates with the goal of deriving recommended actions for clients.

Online Marketing South-East-Asian incl. China (Xyz, South East Asia / e.g. Singapore, 202X - 202X)

Abc (Xyz, Beijing/Shanghai/Chenzhen/Tianjin, China, 202X - 203X)

Efg (Xyz, Qingdao, China, 203X - 204X)